You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be.  Whether you are struggling with a chronic disease or injury, or whether you are relatively healthy and want to live a functional life, acupuncture, chiropractic and sensible nutritional support is the way to go.

Dr. O’Hara uses special meridian testing to determine the areas of imbalances in your body along with detailed history-taking and evaluation methods to determine metabolic and structural distress.  She then crafts specific treatment protocols and nutritional/lifestyle recommendations for your unique needs.


Humans are designed to move about, yet we plant ourselves in cramped sitting positions all day and move very little.  Due to our sedentary lifestyles, without noticing, our muscles get weaker… Read More


What a wonderful feeling it is to take a deep breath and feel relaxed, safe and balanced as if you were sitting on a garden bench, watching flowers and trees gently swaying in the breeze.  Notice there is no tension… Read More



Acupuncture is very safe to receive during pregnancy.  Dr. O’Hara strongly encourages postpartum care as well since it is a  vulnerable time for many new Moms, especially those with postpartum depression… Read More


Smell the flowers.  The fragrance they give is one of life’s many pleasures.  Although if you smoke, the ability to smell and taste is diminished.  And, as you know, there are other, more damaging… Read More

After several orthopedic doctors told me nothing was wrong, I saw Dr. O’Hara for acupuncture to treat the incredible pain in my shoulder. She quickly diagnosed my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/extra cervical rib, which was later removed by a neurosurgeon. Through acupuncture she helped me, both pre and post-surgery, to minimize the pain and then help me heal. She continues to treat me monthly – 4+ years later – because I also have Celiac and Hashimoto Disease. Acupuncture helps with these auto-immune diseases by keeping me balanced and able to deal with other issues like colds, stress and minor injuries. Life is a journey; enjoy the ride and be healthy!
L. B.

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